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CAVU, a corporation of one, Vicky Rockwell, is an Indianapolis-based production & graphic design firm specializing in print & digital communications.

I work with a supporting cast of dozens. Through long-term, respected relationships, I work with a wide variety of talents such as my photographer husband, translators, printers and assorted vendors in providing the most logical and cost-effective marketing or advertising solution.

From conceptualizing, creating and managing projects to developing branding, marketing & advertising campaigns, I work in concert with my clients to provide communication tools that work. My clients often consider me their in-house marketing department, minus the overhead and fiscal responsibility.

I began my career in publishing as a children’s illustrator, creating coloring and activity books for The Saturday Evening Post Youth Division and soon became Art Director of Humpty Dumpty, Child Life and Turtle Magazine for Preschoolers.

After this experience, I spent a number of years as a freelance children's illustrator for varied publishing companies, then moved on to serve as a staff designer for a software trade publications company. I was soon promoted to Art Director of Insurance Software Review, soon followed by an Art Directorship with Indiana Business Magazine.

I left Indiana Business Magazine to explore the "exciting" world of advertising agencies, which was not what I had expected.

In 1991, I left the agency and began CAVU where I continue to provide communications and marketing support for a wide range of corporate and retail clients.
The origin of CAVU
(Pronounced CA as in "cat" and VOO as in "voodoo") CAVU is an aviation acronym which means Ceiling and Visibility Unrestricted with colloquial variants of Clear Air - Visibility Unlimited and Clear Above -Visibility Unrestricted.

CAVU conditions indicate a ceiling of at least 10,000 feet and visibility of at least 10 miles. Translation: ideal flying conditions... the sky's the limit.