Realistically, CAVU is me... Vicky Rockwell and here is an oh-so-brief version of the history of CAVU:

I began my career in publishing as a children’s illustrator, creating coloring and activity books for The Saturday Evening Post Youth Division and soon became Art Director of Humpty Dumpty, Child Life and Turtle Magazine for Preschoolers.

After this experience, I spent a number of years as a freelance children's illustrator for varied publishing companies, then moved on to serve as a staff designer for a software trade publications company. I was soon promoted to Art Director of Insurance Software Review, soon followed by an Art Directorship with Indiana Business Magazine.

I left Indiana Business Magazine to explore the "exciting" world of advertising agencies, which was not what I had expected.

In 1991, I left the agency and began CAVU where I continue to provide communications and marketing support for a wide range of corporate and retail clients.